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Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE Travel)

A de novo approach to enjoy and perform well. Corporate group travels have many direct and indirect benefits

Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and are all referred to as MICE Travel.

MICE has been replaced in recent years by the terms “meetings industry” and “events industry”, which are becoming more common. Due to the frequent events that almost every sector of business travel involves, it plays a significant role. The major objective here is always to connect experts, encourage relationships, support fresh thinking, and encourage development.

MICE tourism can have the following benefits:

  • Better team bonding.
  • Results in long tern associations
  • Better loyalty to company which cares about them
  • Stimulation of business activity within and between the nations, helps forging stronger business links between firms, providing opportunities to promote both the national interest and international co-operation.
  • Provision of opportunities for access to new technology, exchange of ideas, establishment of valuable business and professional contacts, and other socio-cultural impacts.
    • Generation of investment in tourism/recreation infrastructure, increasing the attractions available in an area for use by locals as well as visitors. 

UniSetGO MICE Offerings :

We offer a range of activities like

  • Trekking
  • Corporate Outbound training.
  • Leadership Outbound Trainings.
  • Group activities
  • Yoga and wellness

And more ……

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Comfortable Sightseeing in AC Vehicles

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Leisure activities

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Reasons why MICE professionals and brand delegates love live events


It is a must to maintain an updated network of contacts and good relationships you your peers. And corporate events are excellent opportunities to meet experienced MICE professionals, visitorsand o ther MICE delegates. Creating connections, learning and keeping up with best international standards are a vital part of this industry.

Brand awareness

Corporate events strengthen the positioning of companies and increase their power within the market in which they operate. In other words, social gatherings, parties, conferences and celebrations are responsible for showing the public that business is going well. Leading associations, such as Meeting Professionals International (MPI), take these opportunities to show off their best workforce and how they have a vibrant community.

It is worth mentioning that the projects that are well positioned, are more likely to approach and retain customers, as they are well regarded by the public. It means that, in addition to notoriety for the market itself, the company also stands out before the competition and gains credibility with potential customers.

Professional development

The corporate events work on the development of the professionals already working in the company, through lectures, congresses and training opportunities.The great advantage is in the technical improvement of employees, who can use their knowledge to improve production processes.

The development of professional skills also occurs when the company launches a new work organization, or proposes different management methods.Thus, instead of tiring training, the event can be the ideal environment to communicate something, in a friendly way, about the work of employees.

Encourage teams and co-workers

Lack of motivation is one of the problems that most affects companies in Brazil. In addition to compromising productivity, demotivation also has negative consequences for the employee, such as increased stress, Burnout syndrome and even depressive conditions.Therefore, corporate events can function as a motivating action, especially when aligned to meet the wishes of employees.

It is important to listen to what employees have to say, as they feel valued and, consequently, improve productivity.